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Commited to giving you the best possible Google Workspace to Google Workspace migration experience, and more... 

News (July 9th)

v0.8.0 released - Photos Migration has been introduced and tested, not as we would like (due to API limitations), but it works.

We also got Google Partner Status, and yes a new website is being worked on. 


We are building a highly scalable Cloud based Migration tool which will, in the end, do as much as possible of that which can be automated in a GWS to GWS migration, including (but not limited to) renaming users as required, copying group settings, moving files (keeping URLs, external permissions and links) and guiding the customer through every step needed to move users and their domain from one environment to the other., copying mails, contacts and calendars (with working meet links). 

The full list of functions is not yet defined, but you can have a look at the roadmap

We can also assist you in preparing your Workspace to Workspace migrations or we can take over everything tech related to your migration. We can also get you in touch with skilled change and project managers if needed. 


As developers and technicians in the Google Environment since it was called Google Apps we were constantly nagged by the features missing in common migration tools. So we decided to create our own.  


V1.0 is almost there :) 

We have the tool running (drive, mail, contacts and calendars migration).  For v1.0 some code cleanup needs to be done. The tool is being actively used in customer migrations. 

As of today (May 22nd 2024) the following functions are working: 

Who are we?

Luca Benelli - Certified GWS admin, Chrome OS admin and GCP Cloud Architect, working on Google Workspace since august 2010 at different international partners. 

Julian Mattke - Developer specialized on Google APIs since July 2011.