User Drive Migration

Single User Drive Migration - whatever is owned by the user is migrated to the target user (all formats including Sites). Mapping of the permissions regarding users involved in the migration will be taken care of (users, groups, domains, target audiences). Files are moved over keeping their URL, ID, revisions and comments (the comments will point to the source users as we do NOT modify the migrated objects). Folders and files keep their starred status, folders keep assigned color. 

Shared Drive Migration 

Shared Drives are migrated copying the users (with appropriate user mapping where needed). Folders and Files keep their URLs and IDs. Permissions at the folder and file level are NOT mapped at this time (see Backlog). 

Mail Migration 

Mail migration including labels, label colors, filters, starred status.

Contacts migration

Contacts Migration

Calendar Migration

Migration of primary calendars with associated (working) meet links, secondary calendars, and resources

Folder and file level permissions mapping in shared drives

Work In Progress

Code cleanup 

Photos migration

Backlog - High Priority

Backlog - Low Priority (order not defined yet) 


Stats and info regarding what has and what has not been migrated.

Incoming Drive permissions

Automation of preparation tasks for a migration

Migration of Keep Notes, Tasks, Gmail Filters


Looking into options to migrate classroom and related objects. 

Space and chats

Waiting for the API to become GA. 

Vault migration

Calendar location, OoO, and focus time