Last updated 2023 Dec 7th 


External tools

During the migration a new user is created, there is no (yet known) way to map access to external tools like AdWords, Analytics or other external tools. We gathered some info, that’s seriously all we know. 


Folder IDs

Folder IDs will change, unlike Files Folders can't be moved via the API, which means these have to be recreated on the destination having new URLs and IDs. 

Explicit and implicit permissions (only MyDrive)

Reading from the API there is no distinction between implicit and explicit permissions.

Permissions might thus be set in incorrect ways. We recreate the folder structure top down, each subfolder is created after the permissions have been set on the parent folder. 

It could still happen that an implicit permissions is set as explicit if the permissions haven't been propagated when we check the permissions which still need to be applied, or a permission could exist only implicitly when on the source it was set explicitly and then an implicit permission was added. 

This is valid only for MyDrive - The shared Drive API has more info. 

Trashed Files

Trashed files will NOT be migrated 

File properties

Properties and app properties are NOT migrated on folders at this time, if you have a need for this we’d like to talk to you for testing. 

Drive Labels

Label infos for files are NOT copied at this time. Possibly in v2 if someone requests it.

n to 1 migrations

While we technically support n to 1 migrations these are NOT recommended as the user rate limiting will kick in earlier reducing the migration speed for all involved users. For drive and calendar it is recommended to use the data migration service in the admin console while the data resides in the source or after it has been migrated to the destination.  

Incoming file permissions (ON ROADMAP)

We plan to migrate incoming permisions too ("shared with me"), this depends on the permissions the user has and will not always be possible. 

Non owned folders

Files in non owned folders will be correctly migrated if the source user has edit rights. Missing the edit rights we cannot move the files back to the source folder. The files will be migrated into the destination users MyDrive in a Folder named "Files in non owned Folders" and a CSV file with info regarding this non migratable files will be provided to the administrator at the end of the migration.

Shared Drive Location

Shared Drives will be created either in the root or in the OU where the admin given for the migration is located. There is no way to select the OU for creation of a shared drive or an option to move a Shared Drive once created. 


Sites will be migrated over to the new accounts. Publishing settings need to be reapplied in the admin console. 


Protected ranges permissions will remain on the source users and will not be mapped as this information is inside the document


Comments will keep the email address of the original user (not mapped to destination) as this information is inside the document. 


Approval process are lost during the migration due to user changes. Locks are kept. 



Starred mails will have the standard yellow star in the destination mailbox


Meet Links

Meet links for events owned by the migrated users are migrated over and work, the user still has to Admit the other participants, but this can be done from the destination user.

Non owned events

Non owned events are copied over, the link to the original event is lost. This will be reflected by a prefix in the title of the event (by default "**IMPORT**"), the user will need to request to be invited again to these events.